Sleep Matters 

For people living with dementia 

and their carers 


Most forms of dementia are characterised by frequent sleep disturbance, both for those diagnosed and their carers. 

Sleep deprivation contributes to problems that have a major impact on everyday living. 


Concentration is affected, leaving a person unable to cope with the smallest of tasks. It can also lead to 

depression and other health problems. 

Whilst the sleep problem may be addressed through drug intervention, ‘Sleep Matters’ promotes the use of a variety of         non-clinical help.


We run training sessions for all care professionals involved in supporting people living with dementia and their carers. Find details on the page 'Training for Care Professionals'.


We also run awareness and information sessions for volunteers and family carers supporting people living with dementia.  Find details of these 2 hour sessions on the page 'Sleep Matters workshops'.



Also find us on Services4Me by clicking the link below 


Sleep Matters - Highly Commended at the RCC Awards 2017